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Don't overlook the benefits found in area rugs

Area rugs are an excellent way to add another layer of décor appeal or flooring protection, and sometimes at the same time. These pieces are versatile, which means they can fit in every room of your home, based on your chosen materials and the results you desire. When you're looking for that extra something, be sure to take the time to check out all your options in this product line.


Choose great options in area rugs

Round rugs are a very trendy product in this line, as they meet various needs in many spaces. It's a well-known element in a size that works well, no matter the room's size or shape. Choose from products of all sizes, colors, and fiber options for the very best benefits.

As a part of your décor, you'll find these pieces offer a great deal, including solid colors and patterns, extensive fiber options with built-in benefits, and the opportunity to choose any size and shape you need. Some have a fringe, while others are bound tightly on the edges, and one will likely work better for you than the others. It's important to consider everything about the space into which these pieces will go so you can have the best results.

When used underneath heavy pieces of furniture or placed in busy spaces, your new rug can work to protect your main flooring underneath. Under furniture, they alleviate the worry of dented or crushed flooring. In high-traffic areas, they help catch and trap dirt and debris, preventing them from scratching your floors. One of the best things about your new rug is that it is mobile. Should it become soiled or damaged, you can take it up and move it for cleaning or repair. You can even move it into another room to change up your décor from time to time.

Area rugs are part of what we do

When you visit Stoller Floors, you find that rugs are just a part of what we do. We work to match you with the perfect products, always considering your specific requirements. Our associates will be happy to help you browse our available products and make suggestions for the best options for your home.

We proudly serve residents from Orrville, OH, Apple Creek, OH, Dalton, OH, Wooster, OH, Kidron, OH, Smithville, OH, Wadsworth, OH, Marshallville, OH, Sterling, OH, and Creston, OH, and we hope to help you with your flooring project as well. When you're ready to shop our inventory, visit at your convenience. We'll make sure you have the best rugs for your needs.

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